BBC Launches iPlayer App on the Xbox 360

Do you love watching "Doctor Who" on the Xbox 360? If you do, you might as well catch up on the news and switch to the BBC -- all on the same machine.

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The BBC announced Tuesday that its iPlayer app will be available on the Xbox 360 for free.

The app, which made its gaming debut on the Nintendo Wii in 2009 and was added to the PlayStation 3 last year, is fully integrated with Kinect, allowing users to use voice and gestures to navigate through iPlayer.

Though the BBC's app has been available on the iPad since July 2011, U.S. versions of the app are not available.

Stephen McGill, director of Xbox and Entertainment for Microsoft, in a statement said he was delighted that iPlayer is now available on the Xbox 360.

"The way people interact with entertainment content is changing," McGill said.

The move to bring the app live came in part to a number of requests to have news content be available on TV devices. 433 million requests were made in 2011, the BBC said in a statement.

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